Saturday, 23 November 2013

The First Snow of Winter - CanRock vs. Arizona

The first real snow of winter provides an interesting opportunity for the in-house songwriters to blow off some steam. When they're 7,5 and 2, they'd rather be outside anyway. These Canadian kids haven't tried to write anything about snow yet, but it's likely only a matter of time. Like farm kids gravitate to country music, Canadian kids will surely jump on the snow-song sleigh ride soon enough.

A few hours after the first significant flakes were flying, they are back inside by the fire, rosy-cheeked and hungry. I just followed the Gin Blossoms on Twitter, and was excited to see they followed me back right away - at least until I realized they follow everyone. What the hell  though - their hometown of Tempe, Arizona gets me thinking about warmer weather - and the road. That's a ways off yet though. In the meantime, dinner music will be the Gin Blossoms - the kids like fast, melodic rock, and so do I.

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