Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The new album is available for download!

Where to start?? What a few weeks... it's quite the whirlwind to get an album launched alongside school dropoffs, meal preparation, bedtimes, not to mention the nuisance of a day job. But, it's done! The songs are professionally mastered, the artwork is approved, and the album is off to manufacturing. Not only will it be ready prior to the March 14th date (there, I just totally stirred up Murphy's Law), but the songs are available RIGHT NOW for purchase as digital downloads - that can be done right here. The Indiegogo campaign is still running until Friday too, so if you're still interested, don't delay in being one of the first to receive a physical copy of the album!

When the dust settles, I'm definitely going to be writing more about the ups-and-downs of setting up what basically amounts to a small business, in parallel with trying to just record and produce an album that you're happy with from a musical perspective. It's a left-brain / right-brain tennis match that never lets up - I knew it wouldn't be easy, but it has been a real eye-opener. I'm kind of glad it's finally done... and more importantly, I'm pleased with the album. I think it's a good collection of tunes - and every kid that has heard it so far goes bananas, so that's even better news. That's the point, after all!

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