Friday 31 January 2014

Mixing "Breakfast"

I finished the final mix of the song “Breakfast” today - which means over half the album is now mixed. That song began at too-early-o’clock on a weekend morning when just two people were awake and only one of us was excited about it. Even during the wee hours, the kid managed to share how great breakfast is... by the time his sisters were awake for 30 minutes (and fed), the song was written.

This song illustrates how many of the songs on the upcoming album came to life - the kids sing about something normal, the way kids tend to do, then the other kids build on the idea, and finally I build it up a bit and we hone it together.

If we do a CD launch party, I think it'll definitely be at breakfast time (or maybe brunch - a little bit later to make it easier on parents). As long as I have worked around music stuff, I don't think I have ever heard of a CD launch party in the morning.... one more way we're doing things a little differently!

More soon!


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