Sunday 2 February 2014

"Birthday Party" - the story behind the song

Our two girls are school-aged now, and it’s always an exciting weekend when they have a birthday party to go to. One day while they kept asking "how much longer 'til we can go," we started making up a song about birthday parties to pass the time. The 5y/o added the best line ever: “It's your birthday party - here’s your present, where’s the cake?” No grown-up could capture the party sentiment like that - it's almost haiku. "Birthday Party" is one of the eleven songs on the forthcoming album.

They thought we should cover "Happy Birthday" on the album, but I explained how the song "Happy Birthday" is owned by a person who collects royalties every time it's played - that's why you never hear it sung in movies (try explaining royalties to a five y/o...). Anyway, they thought is was wrong that someone should make money from "Happy Birthday", and I agree - so that made it into the bridge of the song.

"Birthday Party" is definitely going to be on the forthcoming album "If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old," releasing on March 14th 2014!

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